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Yvonne Farrell - Grafton Architects

"First and foremost, Paul Harrison has a highly-trained architectural sensiibility. He has the ability to interprete an idea, to convey each projects’s aspirations in miniature. His skill is to understand form. His services range from representing conceptual ideas to larger scale models at appropriate scales.

Paul is the kind of person who will ensure that a project is completed on time, showing committment far beyond normal service . For example, on one occasion, just before the opening of the 2002 Biannale, he arrived in Venice to repair one of our models, which had been damaged. He worked through the night on the repair to ensure the successful opening of the exhibition.

The relationship between Architects and Model Makers is a crutial one in terms of communicating with Clients. Paul spends time discussing options for the best interpretaion of each project , advising on choice of materials appropriate to the scale and the particular presentation requirements.

Finally, Paul’s talent is the craft of making. He leads a team, who take pride in their work. His understanding of materials and techniques ensure that the final product is exceptional. "

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